Apatentability search is a type of patent search that gives you valuable information about whether your invention will qualify for a patent. The objective of the search is to identify prior art relevant to the novelty of the invention in patent and non-patent literature.

Our patentability search report helps you to ascertain the probability of a patent grant and scope of protection to an invention. We conduct exhaustive prior art searches in patent databases and provide detailed patentability analysis

Our team of experts and specialists, have devised a cost-effective and validated methodology to produce quality, consistent search results without substantially increasing the cost to the client


AState of the Art patent search is the broadest of all patent searches and is used to gain an overall perspective of a particular patent field. A State of the Art Search is used to help guide strategy – at both an IP and corporate level – and can help deliver long-term market advantage. It is essentially a market survey that takes a broad, sweeping look at everything that has been done in a given art.

We understand your requirement carefully and then provide customized solutions depending on your end objective. Further, we make sure that the searches conducted by our experts capture all relevant references.


An analysis for understanding the strength of patent claims. A patent invalidity (or patent validity) search can be used to determine the viability of an invalidity defense when facing a patent infringement suit.

Generally, a patent invalidity search is conducted to identify patents or other published prior arts that may render a granted patent invalid and one or more documents has been missed by the patent examiner during the prosecution of the patent application before the patent office. The main purpose of the invalidation search is either to validate the enforceability of the granted patent claims or to invalidate one or more claims of a patent.

We perform exhaustive prior art searches in subscribed databases and provide references that are relevant to the patent that has to be invalidated. Our team, thorough review of the File Wrapper/Prosecution History of the patent so that we have a clear understanding of the Novelty and are aware of any prosecution history estoppel.


The Freedom to Operate (FTO) search or a clearance search is performed to identify the companies or the organizations and their respective patents which can obstruct the commercialization of patent in question in geography of interest. If there exist any obstructing patents, the company can negotiate or in-license the overlapping patented technology before launching the product to avoid the infringement later.

In general, this type of search is conducted before launching a product in the geographical area of interest to ensure that the launched product does not infringe any patented technology later. The best results from freedom to operate search will be granted patent overlapping with technology of interest. The published (pending patents) and expired patents are also given in results to ensure comprehensive reporting.

We assist clients in a number of FTO searches for various jurisdictions worldwide in various technology domains such as electrical, software, life science, chemical, oil & gas, semiconductors etc.