The IP Crew, offers a suite of Patent Support Services in Creation, Protection and Monetization of patent rights. We provide a high quality intellectual property services which help our clients in IP prosecution, litigation and monetizing requirements. Our Success in intellectual property services comes from a perfect blend of technological and legal expertise and we are “Delivering on Commitments” to our Clients globally. We have been successful in delivering exactly what we promise or may be more than that.

'Five aspects that we do well in business’


Exhaustive Search Uncovering TOP PRIOR ARTS


Critical Technological Insights on Patent Data


Defensive and Offensive Patent and Product Strategies


Invalidity and Infringement Content


Patent Infringement Analysis


Manual Search, Powered By Strong Algorithms

Custom Analysis, No Cookie Cutting

Strong Brainstorming To Cover All Embodiments

World Wide Coverage With Native Asian Language Search

Why The IP Crew is Right for you...

Expert Team
Our team possess a wealth of industry experience ranging from patent agents, trademark agents and attorneys to scientist, lawyers, engineers and paralegal experts.
Top Quality Consultancy
Serving world’s leading corporates, law firms and universities. Our human intellectual capital fast turnaround and unparalleled service quality are unrivalled and are few of reasons why customers keep returning to The IP Crew.
Fast Turnaround
Our team is trained and well equipped to conduct and adapt with deep knowledge conducting exhaustive Worldwide Patent, Non-Patent Literature (NPL), Trademark and Design Search with speed and drafting considering the jurisdiction specific IP laws – no haste and no compromise to quality.
Customized Services
We always attempt to build up deep understanding of our client’s demands to figure out strategies and deliver services which provide client’s best business performance.
We do not outsource our services to the third parties, enabling The IP Crew to maintain the highest standards of quality, confidentiality and accountability.
Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreements with Clients as well as with Employees and Strict Project data access policies hence project data is accessible to only those employees who are working on project.
Dedicated Support
We work 5 days a week but we are highly flexible to give support in urgency of client work setting aside any boundaries restriction with a dedicated single point contact.
Global Patent Coverage
The IP Crew has the ability to search over 104 patent issuing authorities, including U.S. patent and published applications, and foreign patents and published applications (many of which are full text via machine translation.
Global NPL Coverage
The IP Crew also has access to over 1,000 non-patent literature databases that contain over 550,000,000 subscribed articles from journals, magazines news wires, technical standards, conference proceedings, and company filings.
Search Approach
Our search experts are well acquainted with various search strategies that produce relevant results selection and combination of patent classes, subclasses and keywords as well as other fields like assignees, inventors and citations.
Foreign Language Search
Our standard research coverage includes English based patent and non-patent literature, as well as English abstracts and full-text machine translations of many foreign language patents and published applications like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish etc.
Quality Check Process
Multi-tier quality check at each stage from the kickoff meeting through the entire project’s progress to the final reporting ensures unparalleled accuracy in strategy, relevancy and reporting.

Our Work Does Have An Effect On:



Medical Devices




Material Science



Consumer Electronics









What our Clients says

  • Patent Attorney
    "The drawings are fantastic, no changes needed and your turn around time is appreciable. We are good to work with you in the future too."
    Patent Attorney
    The Netherlands, EP
  • IP Specialist
    "You did a fantastic job in speedy time. Looking forward to working together."
    IP Specialist
  • Patent Lawer
    "I appreciate your understanding of my need for patent drawings in short notice given by me. Thank you for your quick on time delivery with quality work.”
    Patent Lawer
  • An Inventor
    “Excellent firm with enhanced costs and a very quick turnaround time. Good firm to rely on.”
    An Inventor
  • Patent Attorney
    "I have worked with The IP Crew team for a few years and have received consistently good patent drawings."
    Patent Attorney
  • Patent Attorney
    “I appreciated the quick turnaround. My client wanted the search at the last minute in order to consider whether to file only in the US, file internationally, or not at all. The quick turnaround enabled the client to make the decision and still left time for us to prepare the application for filing. Everything was very well done. I look forward to working with you very soon”
    Patent Attorney
  • Patent Attorney
    “This is an outstanding draft. First time I've used a consultancy firm for drafting support, and I believe that this is going to be a very long term relationship between us to provide better and timelier patents for my clients.”
    Patent Attorney
  • Patent Agent
    “You guys did a great job. The turnaround was fast, the quality was good, and the method of payment was simple. I will be using you again shortly."
    Patent Agent

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