Samsung Files Smartphone Patent With a Six-Camera Main Array

Samsung recently filed yet another patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). This time, the patents appears to detail the Korean electronics giant’s plans to create a smartphone with not four, but six sensors within the phone’s main camera module.

The filing was discovered by the Dutch site, LetsGoDigital. The patent was filed back in December last year, while the 55-page document was only published nearing the end of last week. Based on the images within the patent, the phone would utilise six wide-angle cameras with a 28mm focal length. While an LED Flash is added to help with the module when necessary.


What is intriguing is that the patent also details how the camera sensor are actually tilted at an angle when it is under an “active mode. At these angles, the phone could technically capture panoramic images. Along with a bokeh effect added into the formula.

It’s a potentially interesting feature to have, considering that neither of Samsung’s smartphones are capable of pulling off such a feat. Moreover, the new camera setup may also feature time-synchronised images frames. Making it a gem for high framerate video capture.

Of course, as the story goes with all patents, Samsung could’ve simply filed the patent as a means of protecting itself and preventing any others from using the idea. To that end, it’s also very likely that the feature may never see the light of day.

(Source: LetsGoDigital via BGR)

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